Released in January 1997 - 2000 printed - Sold Out!

Tony Conrad
a companion to his recording Four Violins (1964) which reveals the motivations and themes central to his music

Keiji Haino
an in-depth conversation with the enigmatic Japanese avant-icon
Read the interview online.

Alan Lamb
we discover what brought him to record the compelling and beautiful music of the wires

Pauline Oliveros
the electronic music legend talks about her continuing quest for the perfect sound and ways to further extend the creation of music through technology

William Parker
reflects on the first Vision for the 21st Century Arts Festival

Patty Waters
the seminal ESP vocalist is rediscovered by Larry Nai in this interview

the magazine also includes a companion CD that features over an hour of exclusive music from all of the featured artists, except for Patty Waters...

"With it's second issue, Chris Rice's experimental music 'zine Halana goes from good to great." —Douglas Wolk, CMJ New Music Report

"Halana achieves a nigh perfect balance of content, cover art and high production values. At once airy and earthy, it provides a fine forum for its six cover stars..." —Biba Kopf, The Wire, July 1997

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