halana issue five in 2004!
We were SO sure number five would make it out in 2003, but that just goes to show what we know. It'd be easy to cite a bunch of excuses -- a tree falling on our house, laziness, trying to grow the perfect tomato -- but the bottom line is we just didn't do it. No problem, though, there's always 2004!
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It's an exciting issue, so we can't wait to finally get it out the door. Not only are we featuring some of our favorite artists, we're also including TWO CDs of exclusive material for the first time.
Here are some details about what's in store...

Eliane Radigue, interviewed in 1998 by Ian Nagoski
"The space should be filled up with the sounds, like in a shell. Like if you were in the body of a piano or any instrument... All the air should be vibrating, and we should take a bath in it."

Find out more about Eliane Radigue at kalvos.org or lovely.com.

Eric La Casa, "surrounding breathing"
"I'll go so far as to say that everything should be in that instant when microphone and landscape succeed in communicating a dazzling encounter. I don't use the microphone as an ear, but as a completely separate tool-I'm not trying to reproduce what my ears hear. Recording is always a question of a moment in a landscape reproportioned by the size of a microphone. The landscape's hum is of course a part of it, but above all it is a tremendous accumulation of substances in motion."

Find out more about Eric La Casa at kaon.org (French) or earthear.com.

Francisco Lopez, "Purposeless memory scraps [and some of their consequences] of a passionate drifter"
"New York City, after an intense sonic immersion inside mechanical and boiler rooms in office buildings, two killer cocktails: vodka with plum wine, caipirinha with sake. That fine touch of a thin slice of cucumber floating in the clean atmosphere of the glass. Like the high-pitch crispy sounds that swing around the space, freed from the speakers, as I carefully move the EQ faders to create them during the performance."

Find out more about Francisco Lopez.

Donald Miller, "Borbetomagus: The first two decades"
"1981--To the burgeoning "Downtown Scenesters," Borbetomagus are a bunch of uncouth, boozing artistes brut, troglodytic outsiders who are "just too goshdarn loud!" To Borbeto, these consummate fools who will nonetheless dominate the press and venues around NYC (and outwards across the globe for decades to come), are a sniveling cadre of pretentious, overachieving weasels, terrified of the potentials of extreme expression and atavistic resurgence, volume's effect upon air pressure, and psycho-acoustics in general."

Find out more about Borbetomagus.

Derek Bailey, "SCHEMPF, another tradition."
"The event was at Leeds University, a number of groups were playing and - unusually for that time, 1958 - there was some kind of interim music between the groups, supplied by a record player set up next to the piano. Schempf announced his arrival by kicking this thing - the record player - across, and subsequently off, the stage. Nothing unusual in that, you might think, or in the sound produced by the stylus as it juddered across the record, but in 1958 it WAS unusual and it created quite a stir among the dancers, auditors and particularly the bouncers ( the euphemism, security, hadn't been discovered at that time). But Schempf, having dealt with the record player, totally ignored all other distractions. Divesting himself of an enormous fur coat, he was straight onto the piano."

Find out more about Derek Bailey at the European Free Improvisation Pages or Incus records.

Two CDs!
The magazine will also include two companion CDs featuring exclusive material from all five artists, one of which is devoted entirely to the first ever release of Eliane Radigue's 1973 work Psi 847. Very exciting!.

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